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Auto tuning

Autos is the world's cars, used vehicle identical acquainted with the changes in the different modifications of the mechanism for more power, and also as the external changes of the body and the car features, although this is not really "tuning", but "custom" . They will cover the tuning and aims to achieve the originality of the vehicle to adjust away from the standard appearance and taste. Are permitted by law, the mechanical properties and appearance, not to drive legally allowed always to change, because all vehicles on the road to change on the streets.

Origin is not exactly tuning. Some attribute it to Europe, especially in Germany between 1960 and 1970. Another trend shows that the modification of restart of the car as "Lowrider" to popularize in the United States during the fifties. They cite a hot rod movement in California and the Great Depression of the thirties, there are different trends, but this time the most influential force in the United States, thanks to the great development of auto parts and accessories market in car tuning.

Autos uncommon, especially among young people. Currently there is a large concentration of fans, press, accessory shops and events. The media, especially television, has affected large acceptance of the concept of voting as a fashion and lifestyle.

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